User reviews and comments on our Dubh Speakers


My set-up consists of; Airtight ATM4 delivering 24watts per, Pink Triangle LPT with a Roksan Artemiz tonearm and Clearaudio Discovery cart, a DIY Shiga-clone CDP into a DIY Buffalo DAC. Cables are a mix of Dalkey Audio, PS Audio and some home grown. The speaker cable is Nanotec.
I rigged the Eist speakers to my system and really wasn’t prepared for the difference, these are very clean, clear and detailed with wonderful separation, I love the space they give to instruments, bass is tight and precise, but above all they are engaging, this was the key to my changing. 
From the very first passage of music I knew I was in trouble, curiosity had provided the itch I had to scratch, I hadn’t realised at that time I was in for weeks of some intense listening coupled to some great insights along with some fabulous conversations.

The point that tipped the balance, was when sitting home one Tuesday evening browsing through a music magazine, I had the Eist playing at a low level, I found myself following lyrics without having noticed that I had, for some minutes,stopped reading, this never happened with the Quads.
That was that, I put in an order for a pair. 

These speakers are detailed, clear and precise, brutally unforgiving and very revealing of amplification & source. Each change shows up straight away. 
The Eist show the music as it was intended, when the music calls for it the sound stage is wide and deep, it’s also tight and intimate when the music dictates. Live recordings are reproduced so you can pick the row you are sitting in. 
I don’t like room sized acoustic guitars, old Blues players are front and centre between the speakers and not overblown. Vocals have a very natural tone.
Bass is tight without getting boomy, blotted or flabby. It doesn’t overshadow or get in the way of anything else. 
There is nothing sagging or loose about the sound.




I bought a set of these too, I probably have had a set in my possession for more than three months including the demo, 
I was captivated by these the first evening I heard them in Frans at a pc audio meet
I just thought they were something special and I ended up bringing a demo home
then the thought of leaving them back was just too much for me, so I had to get a pair.
I knew that I couldn’t keep this to myself and I’d have to spread the good news eventually.
I’d have very little to add but for me they have:

the ability to create a great sound stage
speed and accuracy when music gets fast and detailed these will not hold you back, there’s notes in your tracks you never heard before
clarity great vocal and instrumental clarity
vocal and instrumental separation there’s air and distance between them clear and distinct 



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