Dubh Loudspeaker


When we started out to build a speaker, we had many choices to make – just as you have a choice to make about what loudspeaker to add to your system. We are audiophiles ourselves, so naturally we wanted all the good stuff – you know, a great soundstage, dynamic delivery, fast transients, sweet treble that won’t make your ears bleed, satisfying natural bass….well you get the idea. We knew from our own audio experiences that horns could deliver all those desires. We also knew that horns can do the opposite too – shouty, harsh treble and no bass.Horns have moved on a lot in recent times. Gone are the days when horns were designed by trial and error. These days, computer modelling of the horn, along with precise matching of the characteristics of the driver to the horn makes for a very different beast than the horns of years ago. Driver technology has moved on a lot too – the drivers we use have an incredibly low moving mass coupled with a long throw voice coil.

Together, these things mean that we can achieve realistic, satisfying bass and extended airy high treble (>30Khz). The point source of the single driver means that there is a superb soundstage along with lighting fast transients. Technology also brings us new cabinet materials and construction techniques. We use a mix of high grade MDF with high density resin materials in our cabinets all bonded together to achieve constrained layer damping resulting in an improved bass response. Crossovers are a critical part of multi-way speakers. No matter how they are constructed, they always affect the sound – why else are there so many options in crossover components? We do not use a conventional crossover in our speakers – we use minimal, but high quality components to achieve a correction to the frequency response of the driver – so that all those desirable attributes mentioned above are not affected.

A loudspeaker is more than these things though – for most of us it is also a piece of furniture. We all deserve beautiful furniture and our Dubh speakers are finished to satisfy. High gloss black or white (or any colour on request), top quality materials and neat size all make for a match in any room and a joy to view as you listen. How about matching to the components already in your system? Well, we recommend an amplifier with a power output greater than 6W per channel. What about higher powered solid state amps? Well they work excellently too – although horns are typically matched with valves, rest assured our Dubh speakers work equally well with both. It’s a truism that loudspeakers have possibly the most difficult job of all in your system. They need to convert electrical energy to kinetic energy and make just 2 devices sound like an orchestra in your living room. We believe that the best way to choose loudspeakers is by careful listening, preferably in your own listening chair with your own system and room. You should probably listen to other speakers that fall within your budget to compare the market. We believe that our Dubh speakers outshine them all and will provide you with a magical listening experience for years and years to come.

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