Why did we found Eist Audio?

Well, it was simple enough really. As two audiophiles with a love of horn loudspeakers, we got together to build an affordable fantastic sounding horn for our own systems. That journey brought us through many iterations and design changes to end up with our first speaker; the Dubh. We knew from personal experience both the pitfalls and glories of horn speakers, and knew we could overcome the pitfalls to make a great sounding horn speaker. Horns have a special sound all their own. Lightning fast, incredibly lifelike voice reproduction and satisfying, natural bass. What’s not to like!?

Our speakers are not harsh on top, or skimpy on bass. They are easy to position, and will satisfy for years and years to come. Our speakers are the ones you come to when you are tired of the rest – and just want to hear the emotion, the feel, the soul of the music. These speakers, and the great sound they deliver are very important to us – as is your opinion and your experience with them. We have carefully selected dealers with a fantastic history of great customer service and advice so that you are assured of the advice and support that you deserve.