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Protect your turntable, arm and cart from bangs, knocks, overzealous cleaners, and even just humble dust! Fits all turntables with a 9” arm (email us for other sizes!). Select the appropriate shipping location (price shown includes shipping to this selected location).

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More and more of us like to have our turntables on display – and more and more turntables don’t come with a cover. Then there’s also the great range of DIY turntables… Marry that up with the exposed cantilevers on most of todays cartridges – or if you’re lucky enough to have a cover on your stylus, do you always replace it? Then there’s the inevitable dust on the platter…Well we have a neat little solution for you – our E-cover. Its a simple design that fits virtually every turntable fitted with a 9” arm. Helps keep dust off the platter, and keeps your precious cartridge safe from bangs and knocks, the sleeve of your jumper, or our nightmarish fear – zealous cleaners who like to dust everything in sight!!! Ouch!! Need one for an outsize arm/turntable? Shoot us a mail and we can work together to get you E_covered!